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Identifier: SLR115

Summary: a database of emotional speech intended to be open-sourced and used for synthesis and generation purpose. It contains data for male and female actors in English (

Category: Speech

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About this resource:

The Emotional Voices Database: Towards Controlling the Emotional Expressiveness in Voice Generation Systems


A description of the database here:

This dataset is built for the purpose of emotional speech synthesis. The transcript were based on the CMU arctic database:

It includes recordings for four speakers- two males and two females.

The emotional styles are neutral, sleepiness, anger, disgust and amused.

Each audio file is recorded in 16bits .wav format

Spk-Je (Female, English: Neutral(417 files), Amused(222 files), Angry(523 files), Sleepy(466 files), Disgust(189 files))

Spk-Bea (Female, English: Neutral(373 files), Amused(309 files), Angry(317 files), Sleepy(520 files), Disgust(347 files))

Spk-Sa (Male, English: Neutral(493 files), Amused(501 files), Angry(468 files), Sleepy(495 files), Disgust(497 files))

Spk-Jsh (Male, English: Neutral(302 files), Amused(298 files), Sleepy(263 files))

File naming (audio_folder): anger_1-28_0011.wav - 1) first word (emotion style), 1-28 - annotation doc file range, Last four digit is the sentence number.

File naming (annotation_folder): anger_1-28.TextGrid - 1) first word (emotional style), 1-28- annotation doc range

You can cite the data using the following BibTeX entry:

  title={The emotional voices database: Towards controlling the emotion dimension in voice generation systems},
  author={Adigwe, Adaeze and Tits, No{\'e} and Haddad, Kevin El and Ostadabbas, Sarah and Dutoit, Thierry},
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