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Identifier: SLR121

Summary: A 10000+ Hours Multi-Domain Mandarin Corpus for Speech Recognition

Category: Speech

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)

About this resource:

The WenetSpeech corpus is a 10000+ hours multi-domain transcribed Mandarin Speech Corpus collected from YouTube and Podcast. Optical character recognition (OCR) and automatic speech recognition (ASR) techniques are adopted to label each YouTube and Podcast recording, respectively. To improve the quality of the corpus, we use a novel end-to-end label error detection method to further validate and filter the data.

  • 10000+ hours high-label data: with confidence >= 0.95, for supervised training, etc.
  • 2400+ hours weak-label data: with 0.6 <= confidence < 0.95, for semi-supervisied or noisy training, etc.
  • ~10000 hours unlabeled data: with confidence < 0.6, for unsupervised training, etc.
  • 22400+ hours audio in total: consists of both labeled and unlabeled data, for unsupervised training or pretraining, etc.


The high-label data of Wenetspeech can be mainly classified into 10 categories according to speaking styles and spoken scenarios:
  • drama (43.36%)
  • reading (11.1%)
  • interview (9.38%)
  • news (8.68%)
  • variety (8.27%)
  • documentary (4.77%)
  • talk (2.94%)
  • audiobook (2.51%)
  • commentary (2.48%)
  • others (6.51%)


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To download the corpus, please go to, and fill out the google form to receive the password and follow the instructions to download. The github page, provides the toolkits for downloading.

External URLs:   (WenetSpeech Main Page/Project Home )   (WenetSpeech Github Page )   (WenetSpeech Introduciton Paper: WenetSpeech: A 10000+ Hours Multi-domain Mandarin Corpus for Speech Recognition )