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BEEP Dictionary

Identifier: SLR14

Summary: Phonemic transcriptions of over 250,000 English words. (British English pronunciations)

Category: Text

License: Research and development use only

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About this resource:

This pronunciation dictionary is derived from many sources and many people have made significant contributions. Please read the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS file.

The pronunciation dictionary is derived in part from the Oxford Text Archive releases 710 and 1054. These are copyrighted by Oxford University Press (OUP) and the Medical research council (MRC). This work inherits the following restrictions:

  • The dictionary may only be used for research (from MRC sources)
  • The dictionary must not be used commercially (from OUP sources)

These sources may be found at:

and this derived work has location:

Considerable effort has been expended to produce this pronunciation dictionary. If you make significant use of this resource, you are requested to contribute. Tasks that need to be done are:

  1. Contribution of new words with pronunciations
  2. Adding lexical stress to those entries that do not have it.
  3. Any other feedback/bug fixes, etc.

In addition, you are requested to acknowledge this work if it contributes significantly to any publication.

Tony Robinson
Cambridge University
Engineering Department
Trumpington Street
Cambridge, UK

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