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Tibetan Greetings

Identifier: SLR149

Summary: Selected Tibetan greetings speech data categorized according to the dialectal region.

Category: Speech

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

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About this resource:

This dataset consists of 100 common Tibetan greetings, carefully selected and recorded in a relatively quiet environment.

It includes 30 native Tibetan speakers, with 10 speakers each from the Kham, Amdo, and U-Tsang dialect regions. In the dataset, each speaker has recordings of 100 greetings pronounced in their dialects and categorized into three files.

Collected, organized, and produced by undergraduate students Linfei Lu, Jiaxin Pang, Srithar Sringmtsho, Buwang Lhamo, and Linting Huang from Minzu University of China.

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