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Room Impulse Response and Noise Database

Identifier: SLR28

Summary: A database of simulated and real room impulse responses, isotropic and point-source noises. The audio files in this data are all in 16k sampling rate and 16-bit precision.

Category: Audio

License: Apache 2.0

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About this resource:

This data includes all the room impulse responses (RIRs) and noises we used in our paper "A Study on Data Augmentation of Reverberant Speech for Robust Speech Recognition" submitted to ICASSP 2017. It includes the real RIRs and isotropic noises from the RWCP sound scene database, the 2014 REVERB challenge database and the Aachen impulse response database (AIR); the simulated RIRs generated by ourselves and also the point-source noises that extracted from the MUSAN corpus.