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Identifier: SLR33

Summary: Mandarin data, provided by Beijing Shell Shell Technology Co.,Ltd

Category: Speech

License: Apache License v.2.0

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resource_aishell.tgz [1.2M]   ( supplementary resources, incl. lexicon, speaker info )   Mirrors: [US]   [EU]   [CN]  

About this resource:

Aishell is an open-source Chinese Mandarin speech corpus published by Beijing Shell Shell Technology Co.,Ltd.

400 people from different accent areas in China are invited to participate in the recording, which is conducted in a quiet indoor environment using high fidelity microphone and downsampled to 16kHz. The manual transcription accuracy is above 95%, through professional speech annotation and strict quality inspection. The data is free for academic use. We hope to provide moderate amount of data for new researchers in the field of speech recognition.

You can cite the data using the following BibTeX entry:

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