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Identifier: SLR93

Summary: Mandarin data, provided by Beijing Shell Shell Technology Co., Ltd.

Category: Speech

License: Apache License v.2.0

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About this resource:

AISHELL-3 is a large-scale and high-fidelity multi-speaker Mandarin speech corpus published by Beijing Shell Shell Technology Co.,Ltd. It can be used to train multi-speaker Text-to-Speech (TTS) systems.The corpus contains roughly 85 hours of emotion-neutral recordings spoken by 218 native Chinese mandarin speakers and total 88035 utterances. Their auxiliary attributes such as gender, age group and native accents are explicitly marked and provided in the corpus. Accordingly, transcripts in Chinese character-level and pinyin-level are provided along with the recordings. The word & tone transcription accuracy rate is above 98%, through professional speech annotation and strict quality inspection for tone and prosody.

You can cite the data using the following BibTeX entry:

  title={AISHELL-3: A Multi-speaker Mandarin TTS Corpus and the Baselines},
  author={Yao Shi, Hui Bu, Xin Xu, Shaoji Zhang, Ming Li},
The baseline system code and generated samples are available here

External URL:   Full description from the company website.