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Thorsten Müller (German Neutral-TTS dataset)

Identifier: SLR95

Summary: Free single german speaker dataset (> 23 hours) by Thorsten Müller (voice) and Dominik Kreutz (audio optimization) for tts training

Category: Speech

License: Creative Commons (CC0) Licence

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thorsten-de_v02.tgz [3.0G]   ( German speech and transcripts )   Mirrors: [US]   [EU]   [CN]  

About this resource:

I contribute my personal voice as a person believing in a world where all people are equal. No matter of gender, sexual orientation, religion, skin color and geocoordinates of birth location. A global world where everybody is warmly welcome on any place on this planet and open and free knowledge and education is available to everyone. (Thorsten Müller)

Dataset details:
  • recordings from just one male native german speaker (Thorsten Müller)
  • audio optimized (Dominik Kreutz)
  • ljspeech-1.1 structure
  • 22.668 recorded phrases (wav files)
  • more than 23 hours of pure audio
  • samplerate 22.050Hz
  • mono
  • normalized to -24dB
  • phrase length (min/avg/max): 2 / 52 / 180 chars
  • no silence at beginning/ending
  • avg spoken chars per second: 14
  • sentences with question mark: 2.780
  • sentences with exclamation mark: 1.840
Based on this dataset there're several pretrained tts (text-to-speech) models freely available.

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External URL:   Free german "thorsten" dataset